I am ordained through the
Universal Life Church with the title of Rabbi.
I am available to perform wedding, commitment,
memorial services and other ceremonies.

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Flower Of Life Workshops

Teachings of the MER-KA-BA and Sacred Geometry

The Flower of Life workshop is a beautiful 3-day weekend of sacred ceremony and heart opening exercises. These exercises prepare you for the activation of your Merkaba (after over 13,000 years of being dormant). Love is the fuel for the Merkaba vehicle. A very precise and specific meditation is clearly taught to move 2 of the 3 sets of star tetrahedrons, which are around our bodies into a counter-rotating field with a very specific ratio and speed. It sounds complicated but it really isn't. This activated Merkaba field is a programmable crystal and a vehicle for interdimensional travel. It is a powerful tool for clear guidance, conscious creating
and synchronicity. We all come out of the workshop connected to one another at the heart and
connected to Higher Self.

Experience Profound Changes
In Every Area Of Your Life!


Sacred Geometry has been called the “Language of God.”
It is a universal language that allows us to access ancient knowledge contained in our
Cellular memory. Sacred Geometry is replicated in every cell of your body,
throughout nature, the solar system and the universe.


The Mer-ka-ba meditation is a visualization and breathing technique that activates the human light body.
By re-establishing your Mer-ka-ba you will achieve unparalleled awakening now as the planet goes
through its transformation. The Merkaba is a tool that can help heal and free ourselves of karmic blocks
in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, so that we are able to open our hearts
and make a stronger connection to the higher levels of our soul.
Learn to control your light body & create a personal Merkaba that can transcend time-space
and dimensional boundaries. Learning the Merkaba meditation and practicing it for one to two years
can permanently activate your personal Merkaba light field. Without this structure,
this would take one to two million years to achieve at our rate of evolution.
When enough people have activated fields the masses will follow (the 100th monkey theory).

The teachings in this workshop are from the Alpha and Omega Order of Melchizedek
and were originally taught by Drunvalo Melchizedek. The Flower of Life Workshop contains a breathing system that can produce very profound changes on every level of a person’s life. The workshop also explores the science of Sacred Geometry, the activation of our own memory of who we are, our intimate connection with the Source of all Life and the understanding of the Merkaba, a crystalline energy field extending around the body for 55 feet in a specific geometric pattern. The breathing pattern taught has not, openly, been practiced on Earth for approximately 13,000 years. Participants of the workshop are taught this specific breathing and meditation method that enables everyone to activate their own Merkaba. This is a key to higher consciousness and dimensional translation. By simply breathing in a different way than we do now and directing the pranic flow
through the crystalline field, a new world will literally open up to you. The breathing will allow you to make contact with your higher self so that trusted and clear guidance can come from within. It will give you unparalleled protection while you are in the ascension process. It will give you a means to heal yourself and later others. Practicing the Merkaba meditation will allow you to remember who you are and your intimate connection with yourself, God and all life everywhere.

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Astrology Readings

I have been studying astrology since I was a young girl. There is so much to it. Each part of your birth chart can manifest itself in so many ways and can be interpreted on so many levels. I primarily like to view the chart from the soul's perspective. I look for your gift's, how you can offer healing to others, and where you need healing yourself. I look for places where you are very accomplished and areas that you are developing. I look at current transits, and discuss strategies to use this planetary energy for your maximum personal growth and well-being. I also look at relationship dynamics. I will not tell you what to do, or whether to begin or end a relationship, but rather, I will shed light on ways that you can connect with one another, whether it is
family, friend, co-worker or lover.

Cost is $60 an hour
To schedule contact me at or 612-508-0840
You will need your birth data with exact time and place of birth.


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