Relief Sculptures
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I begin by sculpting in clay on a board or tabletop. I then make a plaster mold of the clay original. I reinforce the mold with foam pipe
insulator so I won't need as much plaster. This makes my mold lighter weight so I can lift it. The moldmaking process can take
anywhere from four to eight hours. My next step is making the paper pulp. I usually use a combination of cotton linter and abaca. The cotton linter is the shorter fiber left close to the seed after the longer fibers are taken for textiles. The abaca is the fiber from the long leaf stems
of the banana tree. I use colored pigment in the pulp and pack it into the mold. This is very time consuming because the pulp needs to be very compact. I use a sponge, and I press and wring for sometimes over six hours. It takes a couple days to dry, and then I can remove it from the mold. I use pastels to rub into the surface for color variation. I chose to use pastels because they allow the qualities of the paper to remain visible. I used to frame my sculptural pieces in acrylic boxes, but they seemed so smothered in there.
I have always had a love for twigs and branches and I decided the branches are more fitting as frames for these pieces.
My River Brings Me Home
Breaking the Barrier
Dolphin Moon
Dream Flying
Gratitude I Kiss the World
Keeper of the Fertile Earth
Listening to Her Heartbeat
Nature Spirits of the Forest
Offerings from the Plant World
Gratitude 2
They Bring Me Power and Love
The Way Shower
Tree Spirits
Angel's Gift
We Bring Light
Woman of the Spheres
We Know it's Right When it's Love, Beautiful Love
Feeling Free
Coming Together
Mother and Child


Handmade Paper Collage
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Blue Dwelling
Blue Shield
Doorway to the Pink Dwelling
Dwellings 2
Light in the Doorway
Moon Temple
Perpetual Motion
Pink Shield
Shield 2
Spirits of the Temple
Sun Altar
Untitled 2
White Sun

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